Buy A Radio To Free Sarawak Campaign
21 April to 6 May 2012

Sarawak is crucial in the upcoming general elections.

To change for a better Malaysia, we need to get the people of Sarawak to vote for change. To kick it off, we are starting a mini-campaign called “Buy A Radio To Free Sarawak” from 21 April to 6 May.

What is this campaign about?

Buy A Radio To Free Sarawak is a mini campaign to raise money to buy shortwave radios for the people of Sarawak, particularly the people or orang asal who live in the interior regions of Sarawak.

Why do we need to help Sarawak?

For the longest time, Sarawak has been the “fixed deposit” for Barisan Nasional. Unless we can help the people in Sarawak to vote for a change, we can never capture Putrajaya.

So “No Sarawak” means “No Putrajaya”.

Why do the people in Sarawak keep voting for Barisan Nasional?

Sarawakians who live in urban areas can get their news through the Internet and they have started voting for change (as you can see from the previous general election). But the people in the rural areas and the hard to reach interior have no such access.

Many of these areas don’t even have electricity and water supply, what more real information about what’s happening to Sarawak.

The present state government intends to keep things this way – after all, it’s easier to stay in power when you keep people in the dark.

How would buying a radio make a difference?

When you support this campaign, your money buys shortwave radios for the people who live in the longhouses of Sarawak so that they can listen to an alternative news source – Radio Free Sarawak – and be fully aware of what’s really happening to their beloved home state.

Who is behind this campaign?

This is a sub-campaign under the bigger campaign “From Sarawak To Putrajaya” initiated by Kakak Burung Tiong, the producer-presenter of Radio Free Sarawak.

Is this a real campaign?

Yes. We are supported and endorsed by Radio Free Sarawak. We even have a personal
message from Clare Rewcastle, the founder of Radio Free Sarawak, who supports this
campaign wholeheartedly.

See: www.facebook.com/radiofreesarawak.

How are you going to distribute the radios?

Pakatan Rakyat candidates will distribute the radios to the longhouses during their visits.

What is a minimum to buy a radio?

RM50 per radio with batteries.

Now where can I buy these radios?

Buy one or more at www.FreeSarawak.com

What else can I do?

Tell your friends and family to contribute. Share these links with them:
www.FreeSarawak.com and http://www.facebook.com/BuyRadio2FreeSarawak

Forward this to your friends and get them to forward them onwards.

Thanks so much!